Sunday, March 18, 2007 

AutoAdjust and AdjustTunes -- Automatic Volume Leveling

I recently followed Lifehacker's guide to leveling the volume of my MP3 collection. After running all of my files through MP3Gain, I realized that this process will be a real hassle to complete every time I want to add a new MP3 to my library. To solve this problem I developed AutoAdjust, which automates the process of leveling an MP3's volume. I also developed AdjustTunes, which levels an MP3's volume and then adds it to iTunes. In order to run AutoAdjust you must have MP3Gain (free) installed in its default locations. For AdjustTunes, you only will also need iTunes (free) installed in its default location. To use this program, you simply drag and drop an MP3 (one at a time) over AdjustTunes.exe/AutoAdjust.exe and your MP3's volume will automatically be leveled (and then added to iTunes if using AdjustTunes). During certain processes, user input through the mouse and keyboard is blocked. If at any point this program stalls and you would like to regain control, simply press ctrl+alt+delete and you will again be able to control the mouse/keyboard. Both program are released under the terms of the GNU GPL license. The source files are included in the downloads below. Download AutoAdjust (Volume leveling only) Download AdjustTunes (Volume leveling and addition of file to iTunes) Please post any problems in the comments and I will upload a fix as soon as possible. Photo by Flickr user gak. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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Sunday, March 04, 2007 

Caution: Hula Hooping Pedestrians Ahead

I spotted this while driving through a parking lot and I just had to stop for a picture. Sadly though, this isn't actually a sign for hula hooping pedestrians; the "hula hoop" is a sticker. Update: Apparently this is sign is not the only of its kind. I found a whole flickr pool devoted to these signs. I tried to look into these stickers a bit more and I found that they used to be given away at "The String Cheese Incident" concerts. Interestingly though, I cannot seem to find a place to buy these stickers nor can I find very in depth info about them. Update 2: Aha! I found them on eBay

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