Thursday, April 02, 2009 

I Hate Geico!

On March 1st, a member of my family (who is a college student) was struck from behind by another driver. The other driver did not find it necessary to stop and just changed lanes and continued on their way. After stopping and calling the police, it was found that there was no damage to the car and no injuries. A police report was filed as a precaution, in case anyone became hurt or if damage to the car became evident later on. We also notified Geico, although we were not making any claim.

One month later on March 31st, we received a letter from Geico explaining that "as per our request" the vehicle involved in this accident was being moved to a new policy and the person driving when the accident occurred was being designated as the primary driver of this vehicle. Furthermore, the policy explains (incorrectly) that this vehicle is garaged out of state where the driver attends college. We did not contact Geico to make any such request and their changes to the primary driver and the location of the vehicle are both incorrect.

This change increases our premium by $2,600 per year!


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