Monday, February 05, 2007 

Top 5 Super Bowl XLI Commercials

I didn't really get into the game last night, but I thought the commercials were pretty good or at least better than last year's. Behold, my favorite 5: 1. FedEx: Don't Judge (above) 2. Bud Light: Slapping 3. Bud Light: Hitchhiker 4. Nationwide: K-Fed Rollin' VIP 5. Bud Light: Rock Paper Scissors I want to make an honorable mention to Jack in the Box: Just Like Dad. I came across it on iFilm but since I didn't see it on TV, I didn't feel it qualified for the list, however had it aired in my neck of the woods, it would certainly have made the cut. I noticed that FedEx and Bud Light both made the list again, but I was a bit disapointed that there were no Ameriquest ads, as their ads last year were great. Now for my complaints: I was again surprised that some companies chose not to air new commercials. At $2.6 million per 30 second spot, you really need to produce something new and funny. I was further surprised by the number of Movie previews shown. How could this possible be worth it for a movie? I can understand this cost being worth it for a company, as they are around all year long and their ad will potentially have an continual effect on you. But I cannot understand how this can be cost effective for a movie which is only in theaters for a month or so. Lastly, there were way too many CBS commercials and at that they certainly weren't super bowl worthy. These ads surely did not persuade me to watch their shows. But don't get me wrong, the commercials this year were good stuff. I actually had trouble eliminating commercials from this list. I recall last year's list being a breeze to compile.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

Skull Shirt No Longer on Wal-Mart's Shelves (kind of)

As of 2/2/07, almost 12 weeks after Wal-Mart vowed to remove these shirts from their shelves, they are no longer present. However I suspect that this is by the action of customers rather than the action of Wal-Mart's employees. The display for this shirt is still present, although there are no shirts under it. This leads me to believe that these shirts were gradually removed by customers who attempted to purchase them, but could not. I would think that if an employee took the time to take the shirts away, they would have also taken away the display. Who knows, perhaps Wal-Mart will actually restock this display.

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