Monday, February 02, 2009 

Top 5 Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

My favorite 5 commercials of Super Bowl 43:
1. Bud Light - Budget Cuts (above)
2. - Feat. Ed McMahon and MC Hammer
3. - It May be Time
4. Coca-Cola - Brand Managers
5. Doritos - Crystal Ball

I really liked the commercials this year.

A Bud Light commercial topped my list for the second year in a row and as one of the first ads, it started the game off with a good laugh.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Cash4Gold commercial. I first read about it on The Consumerist and expected it to be a total train reck. It was actually very funny. Though, I wouldn't recommend sending them your gold.

I was really surprised to see some companies advertising this year. I did not expect to see ads from Hulu and Teleflora. I found their participation very interesting.

I was slightly impressed with the 3D ads. They were pretty cool, but nothing epic.

I should also mention that the game was excellent as well.

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