Thursday, April 02, 2009 

I Hate Geico!

On March 1st, a member of my family (who is a college student) was struck from behind by another driver. The other driver did not find it necessary to stop and just changed lanes and continued on their way. After stopping and calling the police, it was found that there was no damage to the car and no injuries. A police report was filed as a precaution, in case anyone became hurt or if damage to the car became evident later on. We also notified Geico, although we were not making any claim.

One month later on March 31st, we received a letter from Geico explaining that "as per our request" the vehicle involved in this accident was being moved to a new policy and the person driving when the accident occurred was being designated as the primary driver of this vehicle. Furthermore, the policy explains (incorrectly) that this vehicle is garaged out of state where the driver attends college. We did not contact Geico to make any such request and their changes to the primary driver and the location of the vehicle are both incorrect.

This change increases our premium by $2,600 per year!

As soon as I received this letter, I called Geico to try to understand what was going on. They insisted that someone called them on 3/28 and changed the policy. After a few minutes they determined that one of their adjusters made this change.

After speaking with the adjuster she told us that Geico is assuming that we are lying about the location of the vehicle and the primary driver. They were making this change for us. Our only option to appeal is to complete a survey that they will be sending us. We haven't received this yet, but I will be sure to post an update when we do.

What terrible customer service! Nothing like their commercial about a rear end collision. When we received this new policy, there should have been a letter explaining why this change was being made, not falsely claiming that this was done per our request.

I'm now looking for insurance elsewhere.

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We used to have Geico insurance too. One day we drove to a local mall, and while we were inside someone tried to break into our car. They put a screwdriver or something into the lock and rendered it unusable. They never made it into the car. We turned in the lock replacement, and Geico refused to pay it, and subsequently cancelled our insurance! Their explanation was that we were parking the car in a dangerous place!!! It was a big mall! Stay away from Geico.

I am also looking for a new insurance company. Gieco also lied about why they cancelled my insurance for one of my children on my policy because "she has moved to FLorida" and I don't have custody of the car any more. That was not true and I told them over the phone that she was NOT able to go to Florida and she hasn't been able to find a job, so I was paying for her insurance and her room and board. I claimed her as a dependent on my tax return. They still took her off my insurance without telling me while I was unconscious having breast cancer surgery and High Dose Radiation(HDR)treatments at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. I think that is a low blow and what makes it worse, is my daughter had an accident the day before I flew home from the surgery and I called Gieco and that is when I found out I had no insurance just for that vehicle. They said "I asked" to have the car taken off the policy and they were sorry the timing was wrong. I told them they made a mistake and the person on the phone was lying because I never cancelled the vehicle and never told them my daughter took the car out of state. In fact, the lady on the phone told me they couldn't cancel her off the policy until they had proof of insurance from another company. When I told the CEO that, she said they told me they could not insure the vehicle and that I knew it had been taken off, which was a lie. I told them I was flying out in the morning at 5 a.m. to go to the Cancer Treatment Center to have cancer surgery and I would get her her own insurance when I returned and I would fax a copy to them and then we would take her and the car (which was in my name) off the policy, but I didn't have time now and it would have to wait a couple of weeks. They denied they made a mistake and refused to pay for anything having to do with the accident and bacially they didin't care if a poor widow who has cancer has to pay out of pocket for their mistake. The Geko has a black, cold heart and I plan to go to the media and let the world know about this injustice. I agree with the last blog, stay away from Gieco!!

I also have had a miserable experience with GEICO... stay AWAY!

I had a car rub against the back of my vehicle in a parking lot in the rain. I was IN the car, but not moving. I barely felt it and thankfully it was raining because I don't even have a scratch on my car. I called Geico to let them know of the incident and I also had a police report filled-out to protect myself.

Months later I get a letter stating I am in a different tier policy which EXACTLY DOUBLED my insurance rate. Meanwhile, even if they used this "accident" against me, Geico has an EXCEPTION (c) in the policy that states if you are struck from behind, you cannot have any points or negative policy review.

They said I had the right to receive a FREE copy of the "Report" that they made this decision with (CHOICEPOINT is who they told me to contact).

I called ChoicePoint and they said that while they deal with Geico, they DO NOT handle the state of New Jersey... they had not provided a report to Geico nor could they provide one with me. I called Geico and they said they couldn't provide one.

This is a federal violation... but they could care less.

One representative said they would "guess" at the reason... they said probably due to having Roadside Assistance change a flat tire for me. I said, this is part of my policy that I pay for. Their response? "A claim is a claim"

I called another person, who said that perhaps it was that "being struck from behind means that the front of the other car needs to hit you." I said, "excuse me?? Where does it say that? What if they had backed into me?" They said, "yes, front or rear probably, not the side"

Clearly they were just guessing, had no means of contacting adjusters and said I would have to wait 6 months for an adjuster to review again.

Again, clearly a federal requirement for me to review the information they made this decision with to dispute or correct. But they could not/would not provide it. Their excuse is apparently ignorance... or not enabling their employees to have all of the information needed.

I had it by that point... picked up the phone and obtained insurance elsewhere less expensively than before and with the savings got "AAA" with $$ to spare.

My opinion: a corrupt, horrible company... then again, GEICO stands for GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE INSURANCE COMPANY

key word... "government"



Just moved to a new tier which resulted in a 271% rate increase. This should be illegal.

I hate Geico too!!!!
After I got into an accident and my car was totaled, I had to deal with the worst claims adjuster in history. The accident took place on a Friday and my adjuster said he would have everything ready by Monday. On Monday, I call and he said he didn't have my papers ready, and he said he'd have everything ready by Tuesday. He doesn't call me all day Tuesday and only leaves me voicemail at the end of the workday saying that he had so many meetings that he just ran out of time. He assured me on the voicemail that he would call me first thing 9:00 AM Wednesday morning. By noon, he doesn't call, so I called him and he says that his computer brokedown so he'd need a little more time to handle my claim. On Thursday, I call again and I get his voicemail saying that he's sick and had to go home early. He takes a week and 1/2 off because of his illness, and in the meantime no one works on my claim. After more than 3 weeks after my accident, things finally get taken care of and I was told I had until Nov. 13th to return my rental car. It's now November 11th and I just gt a call from my adjuster saying he messed up and that the car is actually due today!!!! Now I have to pay for the rental or scramble and find someone to take me to and from work for the next two days! Geico sucks!!!!!

I am canceling my coverige with Geico soon,and i will never recommend them to anybody i care about, i had the worst experience with them. I felt like they were against me and not on my side.
Do not get an insurance with Geico.

Was this resolved?

check out You are not alone. Not by a long shot. they are number 1 in lawsuits against them and complaints against them.

Ended up switching insurance companies. Geico wasn't willing to work with us.

I just switched from Progressive to Geico. I was in an accident 2 weeks ago. I went through all of the right avenues, contacted police, etc. It took them 8 days to 'verify the date and time of the accident'. I told them they were losing money because my car was sitting in a towing yard. Then, they called me and told me they would not reimbusrse me for the storage fees and to get my car out of there asap. I told them "No, you will cover the storage fees and to not try to trick me into paying this outrageous bill" ($130/day for 8 days!). I continued to be nice to them though, because it's not the agent's fault. This came to a head when my car was towed to one of their repair shops, without my consent, and then the adjuster called me 6 days later with an estimate. I messed my tires/rims up horribly, but he told me that 3 of the 4 were fine. I also have to pay for half of the damaged tire out of pocket to make up for the difference of the thread on the new tire. $71. My tires only cost me $60 per tire brand new! They're putting a $140 tire on my car and I have to pay for half of it?! And, my CV joints broke during the accident. They had been weathered prior to the accident, so they refuse to fix them. I hate Geico, and would not recommend them. Progressive was good to me.

I'm a liability adjuster for geico, and it's clear that most (probably all) of you are telling partial truths about your claims at geico. And about your rates hitting the ceiling, that's just our way of saying get the hell out we don't need you and you're uninsurable. It's hilarious that the customers just don't understand. Why don't you pick up your policy contract to try to understand what was done. Otherwise you can file a complaint with the department of insurance in your respective state and "try" to bring geico down. The simple fact is, geico is the best and will continue to be the best. I think the funniest story is the one about having cancer and being widowed, what the f*** does that have anything to do with your auto insurance?!

Hello Mr. Anonymous Geico Adjuster. You are not anonymous anymore. I am sending your blog to the local and national news, your CEO, the Gieco president, The owner of Geico, and to the public relations department. The national news will probably be very interested in what cancer and being a widow has to do with the way Gieco does business. They like human interest stories like that one and now you've admitted in black and white that Gieco does it on purpose to get out of paying for clients that don't have a perfect driving record or might be more likely to have a claim. Let's see how funny it is after it's on the news.

Got involved on a fender bender and GEICO was very good in charging the other person's policy and very good customer service. That is when they suggested me the GEICO eXpress service because it was faster and more convenient. What a mistake!!! They not only reused all the parts that they could (even when they shouldn't) but also screwed up on the paint job. Stay away from GEICO eXpress, the shop is not interested in it right, they just want to save GEICO money.

Got involved on a fender bender and GEICO was very good in charging the other person's policy and very good customer service. That is when they suggested me the GEICO eXpress service because it was faster and more convenient. What a mistake!!! They not only reused all the parts that they could (even when they shouldn't) but also screwed up on the paint job. Stay away from GEICO eXpress, the shop is not interested in it right, they just want to save GEICO money.

I had Geico for years and they kept jacking up the fees every year for no reason (no claims). Went with another group, then Geico woohed me back at a good price. Now they are jacking the fees up again. This must be their M.O. Bait, Switch, and Jack...

I would contact the dept of insurance if you all feel so strongly about the wrongdoings

I work for another auto insurer and I have to say some of these "stories" are intersting. I don't suspect the person who said were a liability adjust for GEICO really is and for anyone to believe what they are saying just shows the lack of intelligence you have. I listen to people all day long tell me blatent lies whether its about an accident or a policy issue. I have been in the industry for 10 years and just about all companies operate the same.
Were are all adults, right?

I was at a red light and waited for it to turn green. When it did I drove across the intersection. b4 I got out, my light quickly turned red and the other light immediately turned green! another car going at full speed went through that green light and hit t-bowed my car!!!!! I was waiting for a green light and went! the other person kept going at full speed knowing that by the time they got to the light it would be green! how did they not see my car and slow down!!!!!!????? Geico, their insurance company, said that it was all my fault bcs when we hit my light was red and hers green! how does that make sense???????? ITS THE LIGHTS FAULT!!!!! but they want to blame me!!!!!!! and now that person wont even give my insurance company a statement!!!!!! WHY?????? that just make it easier to blame me!!!!! and they totally contributed to the accident as much as me!!!!

I have insurance with Geico. I leased a new car and that was start of my troubles. It started from 1250 per year and over the course of 2 years it went up to 1600 per year and my deductible is $1,000. No accidents, no tickets. I pay 6 months in advance all the time. The only thing that actually did happen, was someone broke the window and stole my GPS. I called them up, but they said that I don't have glass coverage. Since my deductible is $1000. I paid it. I haven't gotten my new 6 months bill yet, but I would imagine them jacking it up really high. I mean what would stop them?

Geico sucks !!!!!

We were rear ended by a teenage child of a "Geico" employee in Roosevelt Mall (NY, Long Island) parking lot. The geico employee was driving in reverse in the wrong direction, and when we were just backing out from our parking spot, BHAMMM !!!! his Big Dodge Truck hit the rear of our car. Obviously we would not expect any "sain" person to be driving in reverse in the wrong direction. We were told that it was our mistake for not looking out for the backing truck and slapped with 65% liability. The police report indicated that the teen was 100% at fault. When we discussed this with the claims adjuster, he said that the cops do not know how to evaluate the accident. We tried to explain the situation multiple times, I even hand-drew a picture and send it to them. All was in vain. Finally, I received a letter indicating that our 6 month premium would be > $2200.00. This was ridiculous. We then followed up with the State department of Insurance. A few days later we received a BOLD letter (FONT: ARIAL ; SIZE 18) stating that Geico is canceling our Auto-insurance policy.

So much for being a loyal customer for past 5 years.


All the cavemen with the brain size of that wacky lizard have been promoted as claim adjuster under this huge "ROCK", trying to pull out every little bit of "stash of cash" from it's customer's who are literally blinded by the lying slogan : "15 minutes can save 15% or more."

Love this blog- its great- and FUNNY- 1st, to the LI blog, its private property, police actually have no so say for traffic in that instatnce. You can check it at you local gov't office- ANd as I recall, your supposed to look BOTH ways prior driving your veh in reverse. As for the T-Bone green light incidence. RED means STOP- Green means GO- If the guy has a Green light WHY would he stop or slow down???? Haven't ever read a drivers manual, LOOK both ways prior to driving fwd.

Gieco has done me wrong I was in a car accident in another state that has no fault and I only have liablity. I was on vacation and still is due to the accident, I could not return home because the car was total, they did nothing because I only had liablity I said okay. So now its a year in a half later and they only offer me and the passanger 6thousand to split with the medical bill was 11thousand and lawyer fee 33precent do the math. I have 80precent nerve damage to the right side of my body. I will never recommend them to anyone and also I will tell people about how complicated there insurance is and they dont care about the people who purchase there insurance they care about that cash you put out to them every month for nothing as soon as you get into accident then they are ready to treat you like you have not gave them a million for keeping there insurance for more than ten years, family was with this company for years and as soon as they did me wrong my parent changed insurance before the case even went to a settlement offer.Gieco get it togother you are about to be name the most worst insurance company. Yeh you at the top now but that is about to dwindle I promise you that.

Geico is a ripoff. Button line!

GEICO wouldn't verify my date of birth. They sent me a low PD letter for a BI claim and asked for the 10..... fuck GEICO. Steve Beattie

Its even worse when you work there. fuck that place

Don't ever consider consider working for GEICO. If you think the way that they have treated their customers is bad they treat their employees ever worse.

wow! pertandingan yang sangat seru dari meron dan wala untuk anda yang mau menonton klik disini!
dan dapatkan seputar sabung ayam hanya di sini

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