Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Date Movie

Overall, I was pretty disappointed in Date Move. When I first saw the preview in mid January, I thought this movie looks great, I cant wait until it comes out. Every Thursday night I would check movie fone, does it come out this week? And when its opening night finally came I was all pumped up to see this long awaited comedy, but I was quickly brought down. My biggest problem with this movie was the preview. Sure it was funny and got me to see the movie, but like about 75% of the movies Ive seen lately, the preview shows the best parts. Few scenes were funny to me, being that I had already seen them so many times, a terrible thing if this is the first time you are actually seen the movie! Another problem I had with it was that they squeezed in just about every pop culture reference they possibly could. It didn’t seem that they cared about the humor of each reference, but merely the fact that they included it. Maybe if they choose to limit the movies (and people) they parodied, they would have been spent more time with each one and make them funnier. All in all, the movie did deliver brief moments of mild chuckles and some smiles. If you haven’t yet seen the preview, dont and you might actually like the movie. Also if you arent familiar with pop culture, this movie is certainly not for you. Date Movie

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