Saturday, February 25, 2006 

Salute to Family Guy: TV's Most Original Animated Series

I found a picture of this cover on a subscription card. At first I thought it was just a fat(er) version of The Simpsons, but then I looked closer and saw it was a parody of how Family Guy is a knock off of The Simpsons. So Funny. So true. Image © Mad Magazine
Update: Brandyn, a commenter, referred me to this video which shows specific instances of Family Guy copying The Simpsons:

I totally disagree with this. Sure The Simpsons could have influenced Family Guy, but just because they both have family's of 5 DOES NOT mean that one copied off the other. They each portray totally different things and use totally different styles of humor to attract audiances.

xx Judie xx

Judie, you make a good point that the story lines of each show do vary, however you cannot ignore the fact that the show is far from original and was strongly influenced by The Simpsons.

Actually, you are wrong. Family Guy is actually funny consistantly, while The Simpsons, on the other hand, is not funny. Perhaps if the simpsons were funny, I would have to agree with you. However, since Family Guy has a HUGE comical edge over The Simpsons, you are sadly mistaken.

xx Judie xx

Family Guys apparent "HUGE" comical edge over The Simpson's comes from the fact they've been on the air for over a decade less. Family Guy can't even go a season without almost completely stealing a Simpson's plot and adding its own characters, which is sad to say the least. While it is true that The Simpson's these days is not as funny as Family Guy, you have to take a look back to seasons 1-9 to truly appreciate how funny The Simpson's could be. Simply put, Family Guy would be nothing but infantile toilet humor for stoned frat boys without their clever but blatantly obvious use of old Simpson's material.

quite a bit of proof for me.. I love both shows, but this is pretty bad...

if that link didnt come through, go to Youtube and search for "Family Guy Steals From The Simpsons"

Wow great find, doesn't get much clearer than that.

Um... its too true... loads of clips released by the simpsons were cloned by family guy.
And, the simpsons DID THEM BETTER.

I think that simpsons is much funnier than family guy lately the new episodes of family guy have just gotten stupid with just lame and pointless jokes, simpsons also but not as much

You all guys are talking nonsense.
Sayng that FAMILY GUY steal jokes from the simpson is unrelevant. Because the percentage of exactly copyed jokes is minimal.
Instead, if you would count how much storys, books, tv series, movies, legends, and a long etcetera, are imprinted in the 20 years of THE SIMPSON, you would realize that Matt Groening's creation is much more a theaft than the ones of Seth McFarlene.
But that is not the important. The thing about this shows, and several more, is the fact that they all are based on a limited number of structures. We must not seek the equalities among them, but the small differences that make them unique. And savor those particularities.

so what?

now all the movies are copies, since they all use cameras


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