Monday, March 06, 2006 

24: The Game

24: The GameOver the weekend I dug up my PS2, dusted it off and tried out the new 24 Game. Despite the negative reviews by the "pros," I liked it. Who wouldn't want to be Jack Bauer? The most attractive part of the game was the fact that it would reveal to us events that occurred between seasons two and three, those sneaky writers. Yes, now we can find out about what happened to Palmer (RIP) and how Kim came to work at CTU. The game was very similar to one of my old James Bond games, without the multiplayer mode. But that's a good thing, I loved those games. I liked how the missions vary. In some hours you are on foot, in a car, with a team, play as Jack, as Chase and as Tony (I'm sure there's more, this is just what I've got up to). I also liked the graphics, for the most part the characters look a lot like their characters in the show. There is not as much time restrictions as I had expected. There are various points where you are clocked but the majority of each level is not. I also liked the plot development, I refuse to discuss the game with any of my friends because I do not want them to give anything away that I have not yet seen. One the negative side, there is a lot of silence. If the 2K was smart, they would have imputed Sean Callery's music, like in the show. This is a minor detail but was something that bothered me. The game is not too easy and not too difficult, its just right. Basically if this game got me playing my PS2, it must be good. The game is available for for $39.99 everywhere, more info on the game here. Also be sure to check out the 2 hour episode of 24 tonight at 8 on FOX. Image © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

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YO! 24!!!

nice, i think i will go get the game now

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