Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Google Page Creator: Reviewed

Wow its been a while since my last post. Well I'm back. I recently received an invitation to try out the new Google Page Creator and as any dedicated (obsessed) google user would do, I registered. My feelings on their new product are mixed. First of all I thought it was really easy to use. The tool is perfect for a novice web designer. If you chose their WYSIWYG editor, you just need to chose a template and type. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to change the font, font face and font size, it also allows you to add links and images (image hosting included). The template is also pre-formated with a title, subtitle, body and footer. One important feature I found missing was a spell check, but I am sure that will be implemented in the future. In the end you are left with a clean professional editor Another plus was that there are no ads. I remember the first web host I used put these huge flashing, obtrusive ads on the top of the page, not with google! On the negative side, you get a subdomain that matches your google user ID ( In most cases your google account is linked to a gmail account and I can see this leading to a lot of spam. This is the reason I chose not to publish a sample page and also the reason I will not be using this tool. Once Google works out the kinks I think this will be an excellent tool which will make web publishing much more accessible tot the general public.


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