Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

I Hate Microsoft

I was looking at my taskbar the other day and I noticed, I really hate Microsoft. All of the programs I use on a regular basis, are open source, replacements for crappy Microsoft products. Firefox replaces IE, Thunderbird replaces Outlook, Open Office replaces Word and although not a Microsoft product, Gaim replaces AIM. One thing that pushed me over the edge today was the restart nag that appears after every automatic Microsoft update. If I didn't want to restart 10 minutes ago, do you think I want to restart now, huh? How about a "Don't ask me again" button? I could forgive Microsoft if it were shareware, but you know what its expensive and I deserve non invasive software. After a quick Google search, I found a solution, or so I thought. Apparently in Windows Pro, you can easily edit this setting to change the amount of time between nags or kill them completely. But luck for me I have Home Edition and the only solution for me is to "net stop wuauserv" into the Run dialogged every time Microsoft threatens to kill me. I also found some sort of a work arround for Home Users, I installed this registry value and I think it will remove the restart option from the dialog. This will keep me from accidentally restarting but (I think) the dialog box will still nag me every 10 minutes. My final words...GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER MICROSOFT! *Update* Since using the above hacks, my Automatic updates have not been working at all and although that is a way to get rid of the annoying update nag, it probably not the best method. Basically don't try them.

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