Saturday, November 04, 2006 

Horribly Translated Instructions

Today I purchased a flexible keyboard for my computer. Although I have no complaints about the keyboard itself, the manufacturer needs to take more care in writing its instructions. "It cannot be contacted the sharp object" and my personal favorite: "...the keyboard has no poisonous and evil smell..." Below is an image of the instructions:

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why do people ask permission for linking? Dude, you can link to whoever you want! Even Fox-owned pirated tv shows online!

because they're a spambot. the text is filler; they just want to post their link and not get it deleted right away.

Thank you Anonymous(the last one). I was trying to figure what "simon" was trying to get at with his comment for a while now. Now it finally makes sense

HILARIOUS. I love stuff like this. Several years ago, I bought a massage recliner for my husband. One of the instructions was that the recliner (a big-ass LA-Z-BOY style thing, mind you) was not to be used ON OR NEAR elderly persons. We were certain not to place the chair ON TOP of Grandma when she came to visit.

Hahaaa .. no evil smell .. just great.

a meme in waiting: cue photographs of kittens, captioned with "it cannot be putted on the fire to roast"

so, please, delete "simon's"
comment already

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