Sunday, January 07, 2007 

New Annoying TiVo Ads

When I finished watching this weeks episode of Scrubs, I was prompted by a rather annoying TiVo message. "Are you done with this program?" But this was not the regular TiVo deletion prompt. I am usually given two options, "Delete now" or "Keep this recording", this time I was given a third, "Get your BK Xbox games today!" followed by the Burger King logo. The regular TiVo ads do not bother me. These usually consist of a small message at the bottom of my "TiVo Central". This is because they small and unobtrusive. These new ads are rather large and annoying. Although not quite as intrusive, it reminds me very much of TiVo's attempted fast forward ads back in 2005. I would like to point out that I currently own a combo TiVo/DVD player which provides me with free "TiVo Basic" service. So it is possible that these ads are only being shown on the free service. If I were forking over $20 per month to TiVo, I would certainly be far more angry, but none the less, I am not happy. Picture and text released under a CC BY-NC License Update: An anonymous commenter confirms that these ads are being served for paying users as well.

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Sadly, we *do* pay a monthly fee to TiVo and still get the ads you picture in this blog.

Somehow I think our TiVo days are nearing an end.

Err...I was hoping that the paying subscribers would be spared from this. Well, TiVo may abandon this as they did with the fast forward ads.

The ads are annoying. Take a look at this post...

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