Wednesday, April 09, 2008 

The Subway $5 Footlong Deal is a Rip Off

Watch out when buying a Subway sub under the $5 footlong deal. The regular prices on most subs (at least in my local store) are no more than $5.50. $5.50 minus the $1 off coupons, which I almost always receive in the mail, equals a price better than this heavily promoted "deal." Buyer beware.

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I think you're looking at the 6" prices. The cheapest footlong here (the Veggie) is 5.50, and most of them range from 6.50 to 7.30.

I ordered the $5 footlong with all the veggies, requesting that I only wanted the jalepenos only on one end and was told I couldn't do that because then it wasn't part of the $5 deal. How does this make the meal invalid? It was a regular club sub, some some specialty item!

While the subs were $5, they raised the prices of all of them by 40-50 cents.

Then they just removed all but 8 from the list of $5 subs.

Good business move, if nobody notices.

I noticed... the turkey sub was jusr removed. Quizno's here i come!!!!!

They are all bread and not nearly enough filler. Not a good deal.

Idiots, you get what you pay for.

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